Fishing is getting better near Tippy Dam every day. While most of the fish are still in the middle to lower parts of the river, there are groups of fish every day showing up in the normal holes on their way to the dam. Most days we are fishing the middle sections of the river with decent successful. There has also been groups of coho salmon moving up river.

There are very few salmon in the upper stretches of the river currently. I have heard reports that there are some in Muskegon Lake and the lower part of the river.

The lower Pere Marquette River has had a lot of fish push up river recently but some are starting to stay. Fishing is getting better every day. We will see what the rain does to the river but fishing should improve over the next week.

As a result of being unable to guide or fish out of a motorized boat due to COVID-19 pandemic, I have not been on the Big Manistee River since April 8th when I had my son out for a few hours. The colder weather that we have been having has the river temps in the mid-40s.

I would look for fish to be holding near spawning gravel or up on the gravel spawning. Using 8mm and 10mm beads should be good this time of year. I would try chartruse or brighter orange to start; but if that does not work, then try more of a natural orange. Lemon Roe, Atomic Yellow, Super UV Orange, and Atomic Orange are some of my favorites this time of year.

Stone flies, fry pattern, caddis, and wolleybuggers should all be working right now to if that is how you like to fish.

Hopefully we can get back out on the water before the steelhead are gone; but if not, then there will be some good trout fishing coming up.

There have been a few King Salmon in Pere Marquette (PM) Lake recently but no big numbers reported yet. We are just waiting for Lake Michigan to flip. After the lake flips, we should see a good number of Kings in the lower PM River and PM Lake.

I am planning to start my King Salmon river season on August 20th as long as there are enough Kinds around. I will be out a lot after this weekend so watch for some new pictures and don't wait too long to plan your trip!

Smallmouth fishing is going good right now and should remain that way for a few more weeks. The Muskegon River is low and too warm to be chasing trout.

King Salmon and Fall steelhead are just around the corner so now is the tie to start planning your trip as days are filling up quickly!

The Big Manistee River is running warm just like the Muskegon River is currently. If we get a little cold spell, we might be able to get out after some trout; but if not, there are smallmouth bass around and biting.

King Salmon season is just around the corner starting next month so don't wait too long to book your trip as days are filling up fast!

I have not made it to the Muskegon River yet but I hear that it is fishing okay. The water temperature is 37 degrees; however, it will not be long before the fall/winter fish will be staging to spawn. I would focus on the deeper, slower water in the mornings; and if that is not working, then move up to some of the shallow gravel runs in known spawning areas. I should be out there next week sometime and I will have an updated report then.

Water temperatures are on the rise and water levels are coming back down to normal. This is a fun time to be on the river as there are fishing staging near spawning flats and fish in the holes with new fish moving up. The cold mornings have been a little slow; however, after it warms up, so does the action. I have been float fishing most of the time but mixing in a little chuck and duck side drifting when the spot calls for it. Steph brought his fish to the boat today on 10mm and 12mm beads. The river still has some color to it, so bigger brighter beads were key.

I still have a few March dates left and a couple of April dates became available. Eric & Zach have some dates available as well. Get the kids out of the house and join us for a fun day on the river!

Rain is on its way and the spring fish should be right behind. Fishing has been steady on the Grand for us with a mix of fresh and hold over fish. Natalie, Jason, and Rob spent the day with me today. Jason and Natalie have been coming with me for a while but this was Rob’s first time both fishing with me and fishing for steelhead. It did not take Rob long to get to get it figured out. He hooked up on one cast on his first ever steelhead trip and, after a good fight, he had her in the boat. We had a steady morning bite, but the afternoon bite was much better for us though. Jason, Natalie, and Rob each hooked and boated multiple fish throughout the trip.

The river is running low with good clarity. We float fished with beads all day today. Our fish came on brighter beads and bead size did not seem to be as important as color. The rain in the forecast should get the fish moving. I think that the next 10 to 14 days should be good for fishing. It should be a fun couple of weeks, so get ahold of us to get in on the fun on the river!

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