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Chad Schaub
Eric Zerka
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Chad has been fishing for over 30 years

Being an outdoor enthusiast and resident of Michigan my entire life, I have explored numerous rivers and lakes throughout the state since a young age. My dad and grandfathers got me hooked on fishing early on. To this day, I spend most of my time on the water.

Wanting to share my love of fishing with others, I became a full-time licensed and insured guide in 2013.

In the winter months when I am not on the river, I am competing in the North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) throughout the Ice Belt. Since starting in 2009, I have competed in the National Championship held in Minnesota every year and ended up in 2nd place twice in 2014 & 2017. My ice fishing partner, Anthony Rodriguez, and I have won NAIFC Team of the Year twice in 2016 & 2018 and won the NAIFC National Championship in December 2019. Thus far, we have won 1st place at 6 tournaments, 2nd place at 2 tournaments, and 3rd place at a tournament since we began competing together in 2015.

Also during the winter months, my fishing expertise is tested as a member of the U.S. Ice Fishing Team that competes at the World Ice Fishing Championship (WIFC) each year. The fishing technique, equipment, and bait used are different overseas compared to what I am accustom to here in the U.S. I have enjoyed learning new fishing techniques, traveling to new places, and making awesome friends from around the world that have the same passion for fishing as I do. Since making the 2012 Team, I have traveled to Kazakhstan (2012 & 2018), Wisconsin/U.S. (2013), Belarus (2014), Finland (2015), Ukraine (2016), Latvia (2017), Bulgaria (2019), and will be heading to Lithuania early next year to complete in the WIFC 2021.

In the summertime, I compete in numerous bass fishing tournaments throughout the state including West Michigan Bass.

Eric has been fishing for over 20 years

Zach has been fishing for over 30 years

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