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Pere Marquette River Fishing Report

September 29, 2019:

Zach fished the lower Pere Marquette River today and said that the bite was good. With all of the rain coming, however, I think it is going to turn to mud. As a result, we probably will not be back until late October for steelhead season.

September 12, 2019:

With all of the rain that we have gotten recently, I moved up to the Big Manistee River near Brethren. I am sure that we will be back before salmon season is over.

September 9, 2019:


Steve, Angie, Steph, & I had a great day on the Pere Marquette River today! We headed down river to begin our morning and landed right on the fish. Normally Steph gets us started but today was Steve’s day. Steve landed our first two fish before Angie got onboard by boating her first one of the morning. After hooking and losing a few more, we took a break from the action to eat our shore lunch and then head further down river.

At our next spot of the day, we watched hundreds – if not a thousand – of fish pushing through the sand on their way up river. I called Zach George (fellow fishing guide) down to see what was happening where he was fishing on the river. While on the phone, Steve hooked a big male king salmon on a crankbait. He boated a 33-pound giant after a long fight.

Zach and Harvey (fishing friend of ours) soon arrived and we both set up to skein fish the deep bend where all the fish were pushing. It did not take long before both boats were hooking and fighting fish. We both boated four more fish and Steph ended our day with a hard-fighting female.

It was a great day on the water with good friends and I cannot wait for next time!

September 5, 2019:


Today was one of my better crankbait bites so far this season. The morning started out fast and did not slow down all day. As a result, we hooked and landed several nice king salmon! Greg and Mark had a great start to the day using crankbaits. As the day went on, the crankbait bite slowed so we switched to float fishing. The floats were dropping but the fish were short striking us or just not hold on very good. After a few misses, we started to hook up. We won some but so did the fish. Based on today’s action, the Pere Marquette River is fishing good and should continue throughout the month.

September 1, 2019:


For the last two days, Eric and Jake had success landing kings during our guided fishing trips. Crankbaits were more enticing to the kinds earlier in the morning; but as the sun rose, the crank bite slowed. Eric had contacted me prior to their trip to inform me that Jake was interested in learning to center pin fish. . After a little practice, he was able to cast and make good floats. We probably should have continued using crankbaits a while longer since the skein bite was slow. However, we stuck with it and eventually were getting steady bites and hooking fish after we relocating to a different spot on the river. Congrats to Jake for having the hot hand and landing his first fish on a center pin!

Day 2 progressed about the same as the previous day except that Eric had the hot hand this time. We found a pod of active fish to end the day with a flurry of action.